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I started up in 2011 as a forum, because I found other forums clicky and didn't really feel welcome being a new starter. I thought it would of taken off with in a few months the forum would be great and everyone would be using Wrong was I. The forum over the next 2 years did start to grow slowly and has some great members on there, in 2013 I came away from the forum and the pigeons and the forum slowed right down, but I would like to say a huge thank you too buster121 and killer they kept posting away and kept topics going, I came back to the forum around 2015 and started to work on it again and with the help of members like buster121 and killer we got it back up and running and back to the helpful and friendly community it is today, at the back end of 2015-2016 a couple of new friends I made in Devo and rainbow joined the forum,with devo joining the admin team it gave me time to think of new steps to improve the forum even more, with competitions and advertising the forum and finding more members to sign up and join in, now we are in 2017 the forum is running great with fantastic members and a great team that is always helping one another and new comers to the forum, as we all say "no question is a stupid question". With the forum doing fantastic I thought I needed to move the whole forward and find new ways to help people in the sport to find the information they are looking for, so I came up with the idea that maybe I should start a website to go along side the forum, So here it is this website will always be updating to hopefully keep helping people, and I really hope people enjoy it and find it useful if there's something you feel should be added or you would like to see on here then please do contact me, I have also made a Distance Checker and a Velocity Calculator witch I think many people would find useful. So please enjoy the website and sign up and join in on the forum we are all nice and always willing to help and we also host some great competitions from time to time.

About - Me
Well a little about me my name is chris roscoe, i don't really remember how i came to want racing pigeons as know one in my family acutely ever kept racing pigeons at all. But i got hooked when i was at school and always wanted some my parents gave in for a year or so and allowed me to have a shed on the pub roof, my first ever pigeon was white and had a black patch on its back in the shape of a love heart, i found it fantastic was so tame if i let him out he fly throw the window and come sleep in the bedroom next to me :). Anyways i then met my partner and we moved into a council house shortly after we had our son ryan, first think i did was buy and garden shed and started to convert it into a pigeon loft, i was very happy with it then i found a local club witch was wellingborough south road flying club, were i raced for a little while before i had to pack in, when i came back i built a new L shape pigeon loft witch i raced from until the end of 2016. I now fly with Rushed & Raunds Club and have met some great people there and is a great club to be in, i also brought 2 new lofts to replace the old L shape lofts and brought in some new pigeons to start a family with and try to progress to the top. Photos below showing you the lofts.

2017 Lofts
My New set up and my last set up as i have now taken over the garden :).

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